Born in Rockland County, I currently live in Astoria, Queens, and teach intro to art and AP Studio Art at the high school level in the South Bronx.  Through my artwork, I explore the boundary between abstract and representational by creating paintings of patterns that are not clearly one or the other.  My paintings are about duality—they show a dichotomy between masculine and feminine, urban and suburban, and geometric and organic.  I create patterns by combining elements from architectural and natural imagery that I encounter in my travels and my life in New York City.  As an artist living and working in a major city, I am constantly surrounded by architecture and urban imagery.   However, my upbringing in the suburbs and my work creating wedding stationary and decor draws me to images from nature, floral arrangements, and house plants.  My artwork is influenced by traditional still life and landscape paintings, but I tend to look at these subjects through a more abstract lens.